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Graduate Courses

Courses and Syllabi (Education Dean's Office)
EDSI-9901 Dissertation Mentoring I
EDSI-9902 Dissertation Mentoring Section 2
EDSI-9903 Dissertation Mentoring Section 3
EDSI-9923 Leadership for Diversity in the 21st Century
EDSI-9925 Policy Analysis for School Improvement
EDSI-9933 Leadership for Change
EDSI-9941 Models of School Improvement and Reform
EDSI-9942 Instructional Leadership That Facilitates School Improvement
EDSI-9943 Models of Professional Development
EDSI-9960 School Improvement Through Data-Driven Decision Making
EDSI-9961 Quantitative Research Methods
EDSI-9962 Qualitative Research Methods
EDSI-9963 Action Research for Change I
EDSI-9964 Action Research for Change II
EDSI-9998 Research for Doctoral Dissertation
EDUC-9963 Applying the Research Cycle for Change
EDUC-9985 Doctoral Seminar II: Examination of Leadership
EDUC-9998 Research for Doctoral Dissertation