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Alumni Information

Welcome to the Alumni Information Page!

Once you graduate from UWG, you will still have access to your Tk20 account until your entire 10-year subscription expires. If you decide to come back for another degree, you may still use your account for that degree. For example, if you earn a bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education, then decide to come back for a Master's in Early Childhood, you can use your Tk20 account for as long as you're in school and for as long as your subscription is active. So both degrees might take 7 years to earn, and you've used your Tk20 account for the entire time. You would still have 3 years left on your Tk20 subscription at that point.

If you graduate and are not coming back to school, you'll need to contact to change your role in Tk20 to ALUMNI. This will allow you to log in through the outside portal at