Tk20 System






What is Tk20?

To ensure that College of Education graduates are prepared to work in their chosen professions, as well as to satisfy all assessment-related requirements of accrediting and approval bodies for quality programs, the COE conducts systematic assessment of candidates, programs, and operations.


Assessment requirements to maintain state approvals and national accreditation are very specific, quite extensive, and complex. The COE assessment plan has been developed to meet these requirements. Several tools are used by the COE to manage the assessment plan including Tk20, a system that allows students to submit a variety of assessments (course embedded assignments, clinical experience evaluations, program specific observations, portfolios, etc.) that are used to measure candidate performance. These assessments are then connected to other candidate performance data such as scores on entrance and certification tests taken outside the College and grades in courses. Programs then use these multiple sources of data to examine and improve courses and make curricular and procedural revisions that are needed to improve student learning.

In a number of key courses, Tk20 is a required instructional resource similar to textbooks, video cameras, etc. The resource may be purchased at the University bookstore or online by going to Students only need to purchase this service one time even though it will be used in multiple courses and will also be used by students to apply for field experience placements. The subscription is active for 10 years.

In class training is offered every semester to students and faculty who are new to the system. Additional training opportunities on specific features are offered as needs become apparent.

If you need assistance with the system, please contact for help.