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Q: How do I purchase Tk20?

A: You can purchase Tk20 online at by clicking on the link at the bottom left of the screen, "Click here to purchase or register your Tk20 account." You'll be purchasing your 10-year account. A Tk20 packet can also be purchased at the UWG bookstore. You'll use the code in the packet to register your account online using the same link above.

Q: How do I log on to Tk20?

A: The log-in process for Tk20 is simple. Sign in to your MyUWG account using those credentials. Click on the "External Resources" tab. There you will see a link to "COE Tk20". Click on it, then click the gray "Continue" button. This will take you directly into your Tk20 account. There is no need to create a new user name or password for Tk20. 

Q: How do I access Tk20 after I graduate?

A: Once you graduate, Tk20 will create an alumni role for you, which will allow you to log on to Tk20 through this site. You'll continue to use the same login credentials you were using with MyUWG.

Q: Why do I need to purchase Tk20 this semester?

A: 1) Many key assessments (class assignments) will be conducted using Tk20.

    2) Applications to Teacher Education, Field Experiences, and background checks will all be conducted in Tk20.

    3) Field Experience portfolios will be managed in Tk20.

Q: How much does it cost? 

A: You may subscribe to Tk20 online for $100 (plus $3 processing), or purchase a Tk20 registration packet from the bookstore for $124.95. Your account will be active for 10 years.

Q: Do graduate students need to purchase Tk20?

A: If you are a graduate student who began your program prior to May 1, 2011, you will not need to purchase Tk20. If you started after May 1, 2011, you will need to purchase Tk20 at the $100 online rate or the $124.95 bookstore rate.

Q: Why do I have to pay for this? Why doesn't the College of Education pay for it?

A: The UWG College of Education has made a considerable investment in the software, server space, and each module. The College will continue to support the system on an annual basis, while the student only has to pay one time for access to the system for 10 years (at the $100 rate).

Q: What is the difference between Foliotek and Tk20?

A: Foliotek is primarily a portfolio management system, for which you have to pay renew annually. You also have to pay when you need additional server space. Tk20 is a relational database which holds text, videos, and other types of files. Tk20 also has Field Experience and Advising modules, allowing for a centralization of those functions.

Q: Is the system secure and confidential?

A: Yes. No one will have access to your files except you, your instructors and advisors.

Q: I need a refund. What do I do?

A: Tk20 will offer refunds for student subscriptions per the following policy:

1. For accounts completely unused within 30 days of purchase--Full refund

2. For accounts unused between 31 days and 6 months of purchase-- 50% refund

3. No refunds will be issued after 6 months of purchase.

If you feel you are eligible for a refund, please contact your Tk20 Unit Administrator ( to discuss your specific circumstances.

Q: Who do I contact with questions about Tk20?

A: The contact for Tk20 at UWG is Stephanie Siegel. Please e-mail her at with any questions.