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Information for Faculty

Welcome to the Tk20 information page for faculty and staff.  There are several documents on this page to help you use Tk20 to evaluate candidates' progress, stay informed about the assessment and planning cycle, and communicate with students, cooperating teachers, and other stakeholders about our candidates' progress.  Please also see the Assessment Calendar, the Master Assessment Template, and the Unit Assessment Plan HERE.




Who to Contact for Help:

Tk20 Question/Concern/Issue

Who to Contact

Contact Information

Technical issues

Tk20 Unit Administrator

How to upload documents to assignments, portfolios, or field experience binders

Tk20 Unit Administrator

How to fill out forms or applications in Tk20

Tk20 Unit Administrator

Getting a refund from Tk20

Tk20 Unit Administrator

General questions about the Tk20 system

Tk20 Unit Administrator

Questions about which assignments to upload into Tk20 or directions for assignments

Class Professor

Contact your Instructor

Field placement change- different teacher, etc.

Office of Field Based Preparation

Cooperating Teacher Credentials

Office of Field Based Preparation

Questions about your field placement

Office of Field Based Preparation