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New GACE Information


Check out the information from the link below regarding the maximum attempts allowed by the College of Education and the deadlines for GACE score submissions for fall and spring semesters. 

Teacher Education Admission - GACE score deadlines


UWG has been added to the list of institutions were you can take the GACE. Please see the link below for more information.

UWG GACE Testing Dates


NOTICE to candidates who will be taking the GACE Program Admission Assessment (formerly GACE Basic Skills Assessment) and/or the GACE Content Assessment: Procedures for registering for GACE assessments have changed. It is very important that you review the document at the following link.

GACE Program Admission test instructions


For GACE Content Assessment test takers, you must be approved by UWG to take your GACE Content Assessment. This approval will take place sometime after you apply for your internship and your application is approved by the Office of Field Based Preparation. Please note that you will not be eligible to take the GACE Content Assessment prior to that time.

Latest Information on GACE