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Academic Programs

Early Childhood Education (ECED)

The undergraduate B.S.Ed. degree program in Early Childhood Education (ECED) prepares teacher education candidates for teaching children in PreK-5. Satisfactory completion of the program leads to Early Childhood certification in the State of Georgia. Admission to Teacher Education is required for enrollment in a block of sequenced professional education courses. A full year of field experience in public schools occurs throughout the professional education courses. A 2.7 GPA is required for professional classes.


Physical Education (PHED)

The undergraduate B.S.Ed. degree program in Physical Education (PHED) program prepares candidates for teaching students in grades PreK-12. The last 4 semesters or 60 hours of the program involve a block schedule that includes field experiences each semester. The block schedule begins only in the fall. This is a day program. PHED requires candidates to have a 2.5 GPA to enter professional education classes.


Secondary Education (SEED)

The Secondary Education (SEED) program prepares candidates for teaching students in grades 6-12.  SEED candidates will choose a subject area with a concentration in education. Subject choices include:  Mathematics, History, Economics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Earth Sciences. Undergraduate SEED majors will have 2 advisors---a subject advisor and an education advisor. For their last 60 hours of work, SEED candidates will complete 30 hours of education classes and 30 hours of upper level subject classes.  Although education classes are offered at night, candidates must have a flexible daytime schedule in order to take subject classes and engage in field experiences.  A 2.7 GPA is required for professional classes. (Note: a secondary English education program is offered and advised solely by the English Department in the College of Arts & Sciences.)


Special Education (SPED)

The undergraduate program leading to a B.S.Ed. degree focuses on preparing educators to work with children with mild disabilities. This program requires 124 semester hours of course work. The first two years of the program are spent in general education courses labeled Core courses. The second two years are spent in courses and field experiences specifically designed to prepare teachers who understand and can appropriately use specific critical information and who can demonstrate performance skills required of beginning educators. 


Speech Language Pathology (SLPA)

The undergraduate B.S.Ed. degree in Speech-Language Pathology (SLPA) is a pre-professional program designed to prepare candidates to enter a master's degree program and to be eligible for employment as speech pathologists in Georgia schools. This program requires 120 semester hours of course work and practicum. The first two years of the program include course work in general education courses labeled as Core courses. In the last two years of the program students focus on the knowledge and pedagogical and clinical skills that will enable them to make professional decisions regarding their services to individuals with communication disorders. Full certification in Speech Language Pathology is gained upon the completion of the M.Ed. degree.


Sport Management (SPMG)

The undergraduate B.S. degree program in Sport Management (SPMG) prepares students for professional positions in sport business. Students admitted to the SPMG program will complete 30 hours of substantive upper-division SPMG coursework. Following the completion of all other coursework required for the degree, students are required to perform a full-time internship with an approved sport property. In addition to professional content courses, students are required to declare an approved minor in consultation with their advisor. To receive consideration for admission to the SPMG program, students must meet the following criteria: Successful completion of Core Areas A-E; successful completion of 15 of 18 hours in Core Area F including SPMG 2600 with a grade of C or better; successful completion of the Regents Reading and Writing Exams; minimum overall GPA of 2.5; and, submission of the Application for Admission to Sport Management by the appropriate deadline.