Graduate Courses

CEPD-6131 Counseling Theories
CEPD-6135 Applied Counseling Theories
CEPD-6140 Introduction to Counseling Practice
CEPD-6141 Principles of Clinical Mental Health Counseling
CEPD-6160 Group Counseling
CEPD-6170 Foundations of College Student Affairs
CEPD-6172 Theories of College Student Development
CEPD-6174 Higher Education Administration
CEPD-6175 Student Affairs Practicum
CEPD-6180 Principles of Professional School Counseling
CEPD-6182 Internship: Professional Counseling
CEPD-6188 Practicum: Professional Counseling
CEPD-7111 Diagnosis and Treatment of Mental and Emotional Disorders
CEPD-7112 Career Theory and Intervention
CEPD-7136 Counseling Children and Adolescents
CEPD-7145 Advocacy and Leadership
CEPD-7152 Research and Program Evaluation
CEPD-7153 Crisis Intervention
CEPD-8131 Advanced Theories of Counseling
CEPD-8184 Research: Quantitative Analysis
CEPD-9183 Directed Doctoral Research
CEPD-9187 Doctoral Practicum in Supervision
CEPD-9199 Dissertation
SLPA-6704 Assessment and Treatment of Neurogenic Communication Disorders
SLPA-6708 Advanced Articulation and Phonological Disorders
SLPA-6740 Motor Speech Disorders
SLPA-6760 Auditory Disorders
SLPA-6779 Current Trends and Issues in Speech-Language Pathology
SLPA-6784 Research Methods in Speech-Language Pathology
SLPA-6785 Special Topics in Speech-Language Pathology
SLPA-6790 Clinical Practicum and Methods in Speech-Language Pathology I
SLPA-6791 Clinical Practicum and Methods in Speech-Language Pathology II
SLPA-6793 Medical Clinical Practicum and Methods in Speech-Language Pathology