Undergraduate Courses

CEPD-4106 Seminar in Residence Hall Staff Education
READ-3251 Children's Literature
READ-3262 Teaching Content and Process: Reading Education
READ-3263 Teaching Content and Process: Integrated Literacy Education and Process Writing
READ-4251 Assessment and Correction Reading Education
READ-4252 Literature in the Middle School
READ-4253 The Reading Writing Connection
READ-4254 Reading and Writing in the Content Areas
SLPA-3701 Introduction to Communication Disorders
SLPA-3702 Speech and Language Acquisition
SLPA-3703 Phonetics
SLPA-3704 Anatomy and Physiology of Speech and Hearing
SLPA-3705 Speech and Hearing Science
SLPA-3760 Articulation and Phonological Disorders
SLPA-3790 Introduction to Clinical Practicum: Observation
SLPA-4701 Language Disorders in Children
SLPA-4703 Introduction to Audiology
SLPA-4704 Introduction to Manual Communication
SLPA-4720 Introduction to Assessment of Speech-Language Disorders
SLPA-4721 Introduction to Neurological Communication Disorders
SLPA-4722 Multicultural Perspectives in Communication Disorders
SLPA-4724 Counseling Issues in Communication Disorders
SLPA-4784 Professional Practices Seminar in Communication Disorders
SLPA-4785 Special Topics in Speech-Language Pathology
SPED-3702 Educational Evaluation of Children with Disabilities
SPED-3707 Transition Services for Students with Disabilities
SPED-3713 Introduction to Special Education and Mild Disabilities
SPED-3714 Behavior and Classroom Management
SPED-3715 The Inclusive Classroom: Differentiating Instruction
SPED-3752 Practicum II
SPED-3761 Mild Disabilities: Methods for Literacy and Social Studies
SPED-4709 Special Education Policies and Procedures
SPED-4710 Ethics, Policies, and Procedures in Special Education
SPED-4712 Language, Communication and Technology: Mild Disabilities
SPED-4713 Collaboration in School Settings
SPED-4761 Mild Disabilities: Methods for Science and Math
SPED-4786 Internship in Special Education
SPED-4789 Internship Seminar