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Area of Language and Literacy

Welcome to the Area of Language and Literacy, housed in the Department of Clinical and Professional Studies!


The Area of Language and Literacy uses the College of Education mission statement. The mission of the College of Education is to provide excellence in the initial and advanced preparation of professionals for a variety of learning settings, to foster an innovative, student-focused learning community, and to empower a faculty committed to teaching, applied research, and the dissemination of knowledge.

Area of Language and Literacy Faculty Contacts:

Dr. Tami Ogletree, Area Coordinator
Dr. Ronald Reigner, Reading Clinic Director


Degree Programs

Masters Degree in Reading Education

The Department of Clinical and Professional studies offers innovative literacy education courses which lead to the M.Ed. in Reading Education. The mostly online program consists of 36 hours coursework with at least 15 hours earned in the area of language and literacy education. Required courses focus on research-based, effective instruction, critical literacy, literacy supported through technology, multicultural literature, second language learning, and reading and writing assessment and instruction integrated in content-area studies.

Graduates in the program develop professional excellence by...

The M.Ed. in Reading Education utilizes the 2010 Standards for Reading Professionals as developed by the International Reading Association. Applicants must possess an undergraduate degree in a teaching field and possess or be eligible for a level 4 teaching certificate to qualify for admission to the program. The 36-hour program consists of 3 hours of psychological background, 9 hours in language/assessment, 15 hours in the reading concentration, 3 hours in literature, 3 hours in research, and 3 hours of an approved elective.

Graduates of the program are prepared to take leadership positions in their school districts. The program meets the Standards for Reading Professionals as developed by the International Reading Association. While not a requirement to graduate, passing the appropriate GACE exams qualifies one to have Reading Specialist added to the teaching certificate.


M.Ed. in Reading Education

2.7 undergraduate GPA

Hold a T4 certificate

The Reading Endorsement

The Department of Clinical and Professional Studies offers courses in literacy education that fulfill the requirements of the Reading Endorsement.  As approved by the Professional Standards Commission of Georgia, the Reading Endorsement qualifies an individual to be considered ‘highly qualified’ in the teaching of reading. The endorsement can be earned by completing three courses that focus on (a) understanding readers and writers and the reading process, (b) linking literacy assessment and instruction, and (c) integrating literacy instruction and content area studies.

The courses are designed to be taken in the following sequential order: 1.) READ 7271, Reading Theory, Development, and Practices; 2.) READ 7263, Diagnosis and Correction of Reading Problems, and 3.) READ 7201 Applied Reading.  Successful completion of all three courses qualifies certified teachers to apply for the Reading Endorsement which is then added to a teaching certificate. The Reading Endorsement Program may be completed in conjunction with other programs. Admission requirements for the endorsement include meeting eligibility requirement for a level 4 teaching certificate. All three of the endorsement courses may be applied to the M.ED. in Reading Education.


Reading Endorsement

Applicants must meet eligibility requirements for a level 4 teaching certificate.


Reading Clinic:

The Developmental and Diagnostic Reading Clinic, housed under UWG's Comprehensive Community Clinic, serves the needs of surrounding community of learners and supports the on-going preparation of current and future teachers in Georgia. The clinic is located in the Education Annex on the campus of the University of West Georgia. To learn more about our reading clinic, click here!


Scholarships for reading students are offered through the College of Education. Please click here to review our scholarships.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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