Department of Educational Technology and Foundations

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Educational Technology and Foundations does indeed describe the graduate programs as well as the undergraduate and graduate support courses available through the department. Online programs are available in the areas that follow.

Online Programs
M.Ed. School Library Media
M.Ed. Instructional Technology
Add-On and Initial Certification in School Library Media
Ed.S. School Library Media
Ed.S. Instructional Technology

Online Program Delivery
All of these programs are offered 95 - 100% online, making it possible for busy professionals to expand and enhance their ability to positively impact P-12 learning. The online learning environment allows students to participate in fully accredited programs preparing them to be pioneers on the new technology-enhanced learning frontier. Internationally recognized faculty, rigorous academic standards, and commitment to networked learning, result in graduates who shape the educational environment of the future.

Undergraduate and graduate support courses in Educational Foundations, Psychology, and Research, and Educational Technology are provided for programs throughout the College of Education. We are committed to making a positive difference in the achievements of P-12 students through the work carried out by our undergraduate and graduate students in school settings by preparing our graduates and their students to anticipate, meet, and solve existing and emerging challenges.


Admission Application Deadlines
Fall Semester = July 21
Spring Semester = November 15
Summer Semester = April 15

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