Graduate Courses

CEPD-6101 Psychology of Classroom Learning
CEPD-8102 Lifespan Human Development
EDFD-7303 Culture and Society in Education
EDFD-7305 History of American Education
EDFD-7307 Critical Issues in Education
EDRS-6301 Research in Education
EDRS-6342 School and Classroom Assessment
EDRS-8304 Data Analysis in Educational Research
MEDT-6401 Instructional Technology
MEDT-6461 Administration of the School Media Center
MEDT-6465 Selection and Materials
MEDT-7461 Instructional Design
MEDT-7462 Internet Tools, Resources, and Issues in Education
MEDT-7464 Designing Technology Enhanced Instruction
MEDT-7465 Digital Resources for Teaching and Learning
MEDT-7466 Digital Photography in Instruction
MEDT-7467 Web Design for Instruction
MEDT-7468 Instructional Multimedia Design and Development
MEDT-7469 Supervision of School Library Media Programs
MEDT-7470 Digital Media Production and Utilization
MEDT-7472 Introduction to Distance Learning
MEDT-7474 Online Reference Sources and Services
MEDT-7475 The Distance Education Professional
MEDT-7476 Assessing Learning in Technology-Enhanced Instruction
MEDT-7477 Technology for Media Services
MEDT-7478 Cataloging and Automating
MEDT-7485 Special Topics in Media
MEDT-7487 Practicum
MEDT-7490 Visual and Media Literacy for Teaching and Learning
MEDT-8461 Diffusion of Innovations
MEDT-8462 Leading and Managing Instructional Technology Programs
MEDT-8463 Issues in Instructional Technology
MEDT-8464 Issues in School Library Media
MEDT-8480 Program Evaluation
MEDT-8484 Research on Media and Instructional Technology