MEDT 2401 Test Out

Who administers the MEDT 2401 Test Out?

The test is administered by the Department of Educational Technology and Foundations in the in the College of Education at the University of West Georgia.

When is the MEDT 2401 Test-Out administered?

The test is administered several times each long semester in a computer lab inside the Education Center.  (See a Campus Map). The department tries to offer the test before each semester (including summer sessions) to give students more flexibility in making scheduling decisions.

Upcoming Test Dates: 

  • Thursday, October 23, 2014, 1-3pm, Education Center, Lab 204
What is MEDT 2401?

MEDT 2401 (Introduction to Instructional Technology) is a prerequisite course for MEDT 3401 (Integrating Technology in the Curriculum).

Are there other courses besides MEDT 2401 that serve as a prerequisite to MEDT 3401?

Yes. They are the following:

  • CISM 2201: Fundamentals of Computer Applications
  • CS 1020: Computers and Society
  • CS 1030: Introduction to Computer Concepts
Can I use an instructional technology course from another institution to satisfy the prerequisite?

Transfer students may be able to exempt the MEDT 2401 requirement using an instructional technology class taken at another institution. The student should first ask his/her adviser to determine whether the course meets the prerequisite.  If uncertain, the student can escalate the question to Kim C. Huett (  Send an email with an attached syllabus, as well as your 917 number, the semester you took the course, and the name of the institution at which you took the course.  With this information, the course is evaluated for fit with MEDT 2401 objectives, and the student may or may not be exempted.

Who takes MEDT 2401?

If a student’s program of study uses and requires the MEDT 3401 course, then he/she needs to meet the MEDT 2401 prerequisite—either by enrolling in and passing the course or by testing out through the MEDT 2401 Test-Out. Check with your adviser or specific department to see if you are required to take MEDT 3401.

How does exempting MEDT 2401 affect my progress towards my degree/graduation?

You do not receive credit for MEDT 2401 by passing the exam. Be sure that you keep your adviser in the loop on your plans to take this exam.

What concepts does the MEDT 2401 Test-Out cover?

The test uses task-based questions on Microsoft Office 2010 concepts (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), as well as basic concepts related to Windows operating systems. On a continuum from basic to advanced, this test would be “basic,” possibly approaching intermediate. It attempts to cover concepts at the level that is covered in the courses MEDT 2401 and the other prerequisites.

What is the MEDT 2401 Test-out experience like?

The test simulates the environment of actually being in the applications tested. For example, the test may ask students to save a Word document, and they do it in an application that looks and acts just like Microsoft Word. The test consists of 70 questions, and students have 120 minutes to complete the test. In order to pass, students must demonstrate mastery on 70% or more of the questions. Students may attempt each question up to 4 times.

How do I register?

E-mail Kim Huett at Please include your 917 number, and your major (e.g., early childhood, middle grades math/science, Georgia Responds, etc.). You will receive confirmation within several days of leaving your message. If you do not receive confirmation, please e-mail again—sometimes e-mails do not work, and sometimes they hit the junk mailbox, which may cause a delayed confirmation. Also, sometimes responding to student’s e-mails is unsuccessful because their UWG mailboxes are full.You can also call 678-839-6157.

What do I bring on testing day?

Bring these two items: 1) A valid student ID (or driver’s license), and 2) a SAM 2010 Challege Access Code.  This can be purchased at the UWG Bookstore or online from Cengage Brain.  See the table below for more information about these options. The price of the access code is approximately $22.00.

SAM 2010 Challenge Access Code Options

Access Code Option
Printed Access Card ("PAC") -- ISBN #: 1111669 597
University of West Georgia Bookstore
Purchase the Printed Access Card from the University of West Georgia Bookstore.  It is often a good idea to call ahead to a) ensure the bookstore has the PAC in stock, and b) double-check the bookstore hours, as these vary.
Instant Access Code ("IAC"), a Digitally Downloaded Code -- ISBN #: 1111669589
Cengage Brain
Go to, and input the ISBN number for the Instant Access Code into the search field.  This should take you to the product titled "SAM 2010 Challenge Instant Access Code, 1st Edition."  To purchase, you need to add it to your cart and proceed through the online shopping system.  Be very careful that you bring the exact access code to the test, as any single missing or incorrect digit will prevent your successful entry.  It is recommended that you email yourself the code to an email account you can access from the UWG lab.  You could also paste it into a document which you bring on a flash drive.  As of Spring 2013, the link to this product was here.

Note: There may SAM software product at the bookstore that costs ~$50. Be sure you do not buy this, as it will not grant you access to the MEDT 2401 Test-out. It is suggested that you write down the name and ISBN of the product you need (see above) and that you take it with you to the bookstore.

How can I find out more about the University Bookstore?

University Bookstore
☎ (678) 839-6523

Recommendation: Before you make the physical trip to the bookstore to acquire your access code, call ahead to see if they have any in stock.

What does testing day look like?

1. Students arrive a few minutes before the testing time to present student IDs and get situated at computers.  
2. Students login to computers.
3. The proctor explains the test parameters.  
4. The students take the test for the next 120 minutes (or less if the student finishes before that).  
5. Students end their exams and show their results to the proctor.  
6. The proctor e-mails the test results to the advisers immediately.

What if I pass?

Then, you have met a prerequisite to register for MEDT 3401. Talk to your adviser about your options.

What if I don’t pass?

You can take the MEDT 2401 Test-out a second time. Before doing so, it is recommended that you seek some type of help and practice in the applications. Here are some ideas for ways to improve your skills:

Online Tutorials:  Search for “Microsoft office 2010 tutorials” and “Windows OS tutorials” on or, and browse through the options that appear. The Microsoft website is now offering some fairly interactive tutorials at There are other good tutorials out there in addition to these.

Atomic Learning Tutorials:  If you are currently a student at UWG, you have access to some great tutorials through Atomic Learning.  To access login information, login to MyUWG, select the MyCampus tab.  Then, under External Resources, hit Wikispaces.  There, you will find the login information to access Atomic Learning, including username and password info.  Once logged in to AL, use the drop-down search tool to look for tutorials on the various programs tested by this test.

Use a Book:  Look at the university or local library for books on Microsoft Office 2010.

1-on-1 Training:  Find a friend/tutor who can help you with the programs.

How many times can I take the test?

Two times. After that, you are advised to enroll in the MEDT 2401 course.

Whom do I contact with further questions?

Kim Huett
Department of Educational Technology and Foundations
☎ (678) 839-6157