MEDT 2401 Test Out

Notification of Changes to the MEDT 2401 Test Out and the "MEDT 2401 Prerequisite"

The MEDT 2401 Test Out has been discontinued as of early October 2014.  Media faculty in the Department of Educational Technology and Foundations and the department chair met and decided this was no longer a necessary prerequisite for enrolling in the course MEDT 3401.  This means students do not have to take MEDT 2401 or its equivalent to register for MEDT 3401.  

For several months after October of 2014, there will still be a "block" or "bar" in the Banweb registration system, so, if you are attempting to register for MEDT 3401, and you have an issue with this, you may email Ms. Vicki Griffin at to request she remove the bar.  Be sure to provide your full name and your 917#. 

This verbiage should not be substituted for advising.  Always check and then double-check with your advisor with questions related to your plan of study.  

Thank you!

Department of Educational Technology and Foundations