Undergraduate Programs

Currently, the department offers several courses in instructional technology and educational psychology in support of a wide variety of degree programs on campus.  

Instructional Technology

The department is proud to offer two undergraduate instructional technology courses, which are designed to grow students’ competencies in using technology in a variety of educational and clinical environments.  Instructional technology faculty are committed to working closely with students.  Courses are offered in a variety of delivery formats and are designed using student-centered pedagogies.  

MEDT 2401: Introduction to Instructional Technology
This course grounds students in fundamental technical competencies related to computer operating systems and productivity software.  MEDT 2401 is a prerequisite for MEDT 3401.  Please visit the MEDT 2401 Test Out page to learn about other ways in which you may meet this prerequisite.

MEDT 3401: Technology Integration in the Curriculum
This course focuses on extending students’ technological skills and abilities related to social and communications technologies, digital literacies, and critical pedagogies needed for teaching and learning in modern learning environments.

The best way to learn about when a course is taught, how the course is taught (online versus blended delivery formats), and by whom, visit the most recent or upcoming version of the Class Bulletin (also called the Course Bulletin), located at https://grim.westga.edu/www/schedule.htm.

Educational Psychology

Educational Psychology faculty provides instruction for undergraduate and graduate programs in the College of Education.  They offer face-to-face and online classes in the areas of human development across the lifespan, theories of learning and teaching, educational assessment and research, and application of psychological principles in a variety of educational settings and contexts.  These classes serve the needs of different programs, including teacher education, counselor education, educational technology, school library and media.  Undergraduate educational psychology classes include the following:

EDUC 2130: Exploring Learning and Teaching
Explore key aspects of learning and teaching through examining your own learning processes and those of others, with the goal of applying your knowledge to enhance the learning of all students in a variety of educational settings and contexts. A field component totaling 10 hours is required.

CEPD 4101: Educational Psychology
An introduction to the psychological theories and principles applied to the classroom. The course will include aspects of learning, motivation, classroom management, and assessment. Emphasis will be placed on developmentally designed instruction for all students.  (Prerequisite: Admission to Teacher Education Program)

Visit the Educational Psychology page for more information about courses and faculty.