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Wellness Activities Courses

The following one-hour credit activity courses are offered periodically throughout the academic year and summer sessions. These classes are open to all UWG students, regardless of major.

Newest Additions:

PWLA 2611: Weight Management for Life

This course is designed for students struggling with morbid obesity and who are committed to making a healthy lifestyle change through physical activity, healthy eating habits, and personal reflection. Prerequisite: Permission from the instructor.


PWLA 2611: Cycling


PWLA 1601 Aerobic: Dance

PWLA 1602 Aerobics: Step

PWLA 1603 Aerobics: Water

PWLA 1615 Badminton: Beginning

PWLA 1616 Badminton: Intermediate

PWLA 1618 Basketball

PWLA 1629 Cardio Kickboxing

PWLA 1635 Dance: Line

PWLA 1637 Dance: Modern

PWLA 1639 Dance: Social

PWLA 1643 First Aid and CPR

PWLA 1647 Golf: Beginning

PWLA 1648 Golf: Intermediate

PWLA 1650 Beginning Judo

PWLA 1651 Intermediate Judo

PWLA 1660 Self Defense

PWLA 1665 Skiing: Beginning Snow

PWLA 1666 Skiing: Intermediate Snow

PWLA 1667 Snowboarding

PWLA 1671 Soccer

PWLA 1675 Softball

PWLA 1678 Strength and Conditioning

PWLA 1682 Swimming: Beginning

PWLA 1683 Swimming: Intermediate

PWLA 1685 Swimming: Conditioning

PWLA 1687 Water Safety Instruction

PWLA 1690 Yoga

PWLA 1691 Tennis: Beginning

PWLA 1692 Tennis: Intermediate

PWLA 1694 Ultimate Frisbee

PWLA 1695 Volleyball: Beginning

PWLA 1696 Volleyball: Intermediate

PWLA 1697 Walk/Jog

PWLA 1698 Weight Training

PWLA 2611 Special Activities - Backpacking/Camping

PWLA 2611 Special Activities - Body Boot Camp

PWLA 2611 Special Activities - Bodyshaping

PWLA 2611 Special Activities - Canoeing

PWLA 2611 Special Activities - Cycling

PWLA 2611 Special Activities - Intermediate Yoga

PWLA 2611 Special Activities - Jazz I

PWLA 2611 Special Activities - Mat Pilates

PWLA 2611 Special Activities - Physical Activities for Achievers

PWLA 2611 Special Activities - Rebuild and Relive: The Biggest Loser

PWLA 2611 Special Activites - Tap

PWLA 2651 Independent Activity