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Sport Management Internships

 Sport Management Internship Manual

Recognizing that the internship is a key initial step in beginning a career in the highly competitive sport industry, this manual has been developed to address procedures for the internship experience. It is through the internship that students make the transition from student to professional while honing their skills and building their network. The successful internship will benefit the student, the site, and the University. The purpose of the Sport Management Internship Manual is to provide information to students, faculty, and sites regarding the sport management internship program at the University of West Georgia. In addition, it is intended to supplement the information given in the SPMG 4584 Pre-Internship Seminar in Sport Management course.

Sport Management Internship

In accordance with COSMA Guidelines, the internship is designed to be a full time, professional experience. This experience is designed to assist students in applying theory learned in the classroom to real-life situations. The internship allows students to transition from student to professional, gain further experience in an extremely competitive industry, confirm career choices, and develop their network for the purposes of future employment and professional development.

The internship takes place at the conclusion of the academic program so that sites can assume students have internalized the concepts, principles, and theories learned in their classes and are prepared to apply these to real-world situations. In addition, should an intern be offered a full-time position with the site, he/she will have completed all coursework and is prepared to begin employment upon graduation (Cuneen & Sidwell, 2003).

Because interns have made a full-time commitment to the site, they need to evaluate their continued involvement in extra-curricular activities and outside work in order to be fully committed to their internship experience (Cuneen & Sidwell, 2003).


Site Selection

Students are responsible for securing their own internship sites. This can be a stressful process, but it helps acclimate students to the rigors of the job search. Students must locate appropriate internship experiences, submit application materials, interview with the site, and accept an internship offered by an approved site. This is typically done while enrolled in SPMG 4584 Pre-Internship Seminar with support and guidance from the instructor for the course. When selecting an internship site, students should keep in mind their professional goals, the experiences available during the internship, and the professional development opportunities the internship offers.

All sites must be approved by the Sport Management faculty before a student will be allowed to accept his/her internship for course credit. The approval process is two pronged: 1) the site must be appropriate, and 2) the activities must be appropriate. Both criteria must be met in order for a site to be approved. For a site to be approved, it must be a sport property or have significant involvement in sport and its related activities (e.g., sponsorships, etc.). Internship activities must be correlative to the UWG Sport Management curriculum and COSMA guidelines. Further, students need to make sure that the experience will provide the minimum hours required.

Steps to Site Approval

  1. Make initial contact with the site (phone call, email, respond to a posted position).
  2. Interview with the site and discuss the opportunities for internships. 
  3. Complete the Application for Internship Approval Form.
  4. Submit signed form to SPMG 4584 instructor; the instructor will evaluate the site and the activities to determine whether the placement will provide the student with an appropriate experience.
  5. Once the form is signed by the SPMG 4584 instructor, it is approved. Students should allow one week for a site to be approved/rejected.

Site Confirmation

  1. Once the Application for Internship Approval Form is signed, the internship site is approved. 
  2. In order to confirm the internship, the student must complete the Agency Acceptance Form and submit it to the SPMG 4584 instructor. This form binds the student to that site for the internship, and, therefore, it should not be completed until the student is sure he/she wants to complete his/her internship with that particular site.
  3. The SPMG 4584 instructor will provide copies of these forms to the student for his/her records. Once the Application for Internship Approval and the Agency Acceptance Forms are complete, the site is confirmed and the student is committed to that internship site. 
  4. After confirming an internship, students must stop soliciting other internship opportunities. Approval to commit to a different site will only be granted in extenuating circumstances (i.e. the internship is no longer offered or no longer meets program requirements). Continued solicitation is unethical and unprofessional and reflects negatively on the student, the Program, the College, and the University.

Academic Credit

During the internship semester, students will be registered for SPMG 4686 Internship in Sport Management (12 credit hours). Students will earn a letter grade reflecting their performance in this course based on the academic assignments and site supervisor evaluations. It is imperative for students to understand that they are earning academic credit in addition to professional experience. Thus, there are assignments that must be completed in order for a grade to be assigned (Sample Syllabus). In order to graduate, students must complete the internship with a grade of C or better and meet all other requirements, including minimum GPA.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours are required for internships?

Will I get paid for the internship?

What would be the best way to go about getting an interview? How do I go about starting contact with a possible internship site? What websites are best for finding internships?

What are the limits on choosing an internship? What kinds of jobs/internships will and will not count for credit?

What is the right timeline for securing an internship?


What is the best way to maximize my chances of getting the best internship possible?

What if there are no internships available [or I am unable to find an internship that I am pleased with] during the time I plan to complete my internship?

Under the guidance of the Sport Management faculty, it is your responsibility to secure your internship. Therefore, if you are unable to secure an internship during the time you plan to complete your internship, your graduation will be postponed until you are able to find and complete a suitable internship.