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Secondary Education

The Secondary Education undergraduate program offer grades 6-12 certification in specific subjects. Secondary Education majors will major in their chosen field and have two advisors, one in the subject department and one in the College of Education.

Areas in which undergraduate Secondary Education (grades 6-12 certification) students can major are: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, English, Economics, History, & Earth Science. All Science and Math majors will go through the UTeach Program

Also, if  a student already has an undergraduate degree and seeks initial teacher certification, the 33 hour MAT could be the route.

Helpful Information

Projected course offerings for 2013-2016

For MAT & Initial Certification advising, contact Ms. Bethany Schmelzer ( 678-839-5539 or 678-839-6050 or Dr. Judy Butler ( at 678-839-6530.

For M.Ed. in Secondary Education advising, contact Dr. Robert Morris (, or Dr. Frank Butts (  678-839-6530.

For information on the GA PSC GACE exam, click