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The University of West Georgia's performance-based Educational Specialist (Ed.S.) Leadership Degree program emphasizes job embedded learning through a coaching model. The Educational Specialist Program affords candidates advanced preparation in educational leadership for both school level and system level leadership positions. Candidates who successfully complete the program earn a Performance Based Leadership Certificate (PL-6) in educational leadership. The primary component of the program is a field-based residency in which students are provided the opportunity to practice, learn and demonstrate performance while on the job as an educational leader.

Up to 36 semester hours of graduate credit must be completed for this degree program. Eighteen semester hours of the program are in the residency and twelve hours are in course work, most of which can be taken concurrently with the residency. PSC regulations require six hours of Leadership Pre-Service Requirements which must be completed prior to beginning the 30 hours of the program.

The 18 hours of Leadership Residency afford Candidates the opportunity to demonstrate performance within fourteen leadership areas under the direction of a Candidate Support Team consisting of an administrative sponsor, professor, and a performance coach. Monthly Saturday Seminars and online learning experiences augment the leadership core content. The culminating requirement of the residency will be the production of a portfolio describing the candidate's performance-based experiences and evaluations. Student performance is evaluated by the Candidate Support Team. Click here for more information on Admission and Program of Study

UWG Performance-Based Ed. S. Leadership Degree and GA PL-6 Certification Program Admission Time Lines and Requirements

Admission requirements include the following:

The Department of Leadership & Instruction has ongoing admission for completion of Pre-Service Leadership Requirements and Leadership Core Content. Leadership Residencies are initiated by cohort groups in the Summer and Fall Semesters. Proof of the following should be submitted to the Graduate School before established deadlines for each semester.

Application Deadlines

Fall = July 15

Spring = October 15

Summer = March 15

Please send all documents directly to the College of Education, Office of Graduate Studies, University of West Georgia, Carrollton, Georgia 30118. Inquiries related to your application status should be directed to the Office of Graduate Studies by calling 678-839-5430 or Fax: 678-839-6174

Ed. S. Program Sheet

Important Phone Numbers and websites

Department Office     678-839-6530

Financial Aid             678-839-6421   

Registrar's Office       678-839-6438   

College of Education Graduate Admissions