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The Teacher Education Program in Physical Education (PHED) prepares students to become successful teachers in the field of health and physical education at the elementary, middle and high school levels. The program includes:

The undergraduate Teacher Education program is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and the state of Georgia.

Program Sheet

Projected Course Offerings for 2013-2016


A student may receive a Bachelor of Science in Education degree which, with the recommendation of the College of Education, qualifies the graduate for an early childhood (grades P-5), a middle grades (grades 4-8), a business education (grades 7-12), a special education (grades P-12), or a physical education (grades P-12) teaching certificate by meeting the following requirements:

1. A minimum or 120 semester hours of academic college work in an approved program and three (3) semester hours of physical education are required, including PWLA 1600. The approved program must include 60 semester hours in the Core Curriculum.

2. A minimum or 39 semester hours of work in courses numbered 3000 or above. Twenty-one to 33 of these hours must be in the major field and 18 of these hours in the major must be taken at West Georgia.

3. Complete Political Science 1101 and History 2111 or 2112. Exemption from these courses may be earned by passing appropriate tests.

4. Thirty semester hours must be completed in residence.

5. Attain the admission requirements for the major (see Admission to Teacher Education Requirements and Retention Requirements, see Undergraduate Catalog).

6. Complete other requirements for the major as listed by individual departments.

7. Students must pass the Regents' Test before being admitted to Teacher Education.

8. Make application for admission to the teacher education program (see Undergraduate Catalog).

9. Make application for all practicum, internship, and block courses with the Office of the Assistant Dean prior to enrollment in the courses. These deadlines apply (see Undergraduate Catalog):

   Application for               Deadline
Fall Semester                First Monday in February
Spring Semester            First Monday in May

10. Satisfactorily complete a course of 3 or more semester hours in the identification and education of children who have special needs (SPED 3715) as required by Georgia House Bill 671 for teachers, principals, and counselors.

11. Not more than 30 hours of the entire program and none of the professional education sequence may be done by extension or correspondence, nor may more than 30 hours be completed at an off-campus site with the exception of external degree programs

12. The appropriate certification assessments(s) required by the Professional Standards Commission must be completed and passed before a candidate can be recommended for certification.

Program Coordinator: Dr. Brent Heidorn, 678-839-6189,