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Graduate Courses

EDLE-6316 School Law and Ethics
EDLE-6320 Supervision of Instruction
EDLE-6322 Curriculum for Educational Leaders
EDLE-7385 Special Topics
EDLE-7396 Educational Workshop
EDLE-8302 Leadership Residency II
EDLE-8303 Leadership Residency III
EDLE-8312 School Finance
EDLE-8324 Ethics in Educational Leadership
EDLE-8326 Politics and Policy in Education
MGED-7261 Strategies for Teaching Language Arts
MGED-7262 Strategies for Teaching Social Studies
MGED-7263 Strategies for Teaching Mathematics
MGED-7264 Strategies Teaching Science
MGED-7271 Issues in Middle Grades Education
SEED-7261 Advanced Instructional Strategies for English Education
SEED-7262 Advanced Instructional Strategies for Social Studies Education
SEED-7263 Advanced Instructional Strategies for Science Education
SEED-7264 Advanced Instructional Strategies for Mathematics Education
SEED-7288 Teaching Internship
SEED-7289 Teaching Internship Seminar
SEED-7291 Classroom Instruction and Management