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Chrissy Knoll

Chrissy Knoll

Part-Time Instructor

Phone: 678-839-6530 | Fax: 678-839-6195

Email:  cknoll@westga.edu

Office: Coliseum 2115


    Chrissy Knoll joined the Department of Leadership and Instruction, Area of Health and Physical Education in the Fall of 2012. She has experience teaching fitness classes in campus recreation, city recreation, and private fitness facilities.. Mrs. Knoll has a Master's degree in Sports Management from Florida State University, has served as Athletic Director for youth and adult recreational sports, and has trained athletes for endurance sporting events . Her personal athletic and fitness experience includes over 15 years of competitive triathlons and distance running. Mrs. Knoll is currently a certified instructor through ACE Group Fitness, TRX Group Suspension Training, Tabata Bootcamp, American Heart Association BLS First Aid and CPR, and is an NCSF Personal Trainer.

    B.S., Accounting, University of Florida, 2000
    M.S., Sports Management, Florida State University, 2003

    PWLA 2611: Body Bootcamp
    PWLA 2611: Outdoor Recreation
    PWLA 1600: Personal Wellness
    PWLA 1643: First Aid and CPR
    PWLA 1678: Strength and Conditioning
    PWLA 1697: Walk/Jog
    PWLA 1698: Weight Training

    Courses and Sections

    • Courses Taught
      • PWLA-1600 (Personal Wellness)    
      • PWLA-1643 (First Aid and CPR)    
      • PWLA-1678 (Strength and Conditioning)    
      • PWLA-1697 (Walk/Jog)    
      • PWLA-1698 (Weight Training)    
      • PWLA-2611 (Outdoor Recreation)    
    • Spring 2015 Sections
      • PWLA-1643 (First Aid and CPR) Section: N03
      • PWLA-1697 (Walk/Jog) Section: 02
      • PWLA-1698 (Weight Training) Section: 01
      • PWLA-2611 (Body Boot Camp) Section: 05
      • PWLA-2611 (Body Boot Camp) Section: 06
      • PWLA-2611 (Outdoor Recreation) Section: 07
    • Fall 2014 Sections
      • PWLA-1600 (Personal Wellness) Section: 02
      • PWLA-1678 (Strength and Conditioning) Section: 02
      • PWLA-2611 (Body Boot Camp) Section: 01
      • PWLA-2611 (Body Boot Camp) Section: 02
      • PWLA-2611 (Outdoor Recreation) Section: 03
      • PWLA-2611 (Weight Training) Section: 04
    • Spring 2014 Sections
      • PWLA-1698 (Weight Training) Section: 01
      • PWLA-2611 (Body Boot Camp) Section: 03
      • PWLA-2611 (Body Boot Camp) Section: 04
      • PWLA-2611 (Outdoor Recreation) Section: 05