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College of Arts & Sciences

Dr. Adel Abunawass, Computer Science
Dr. Aran MacKinnon, Foreign Languages
Dr. Stanley Caress, Public Administration
Dr. Carol Gingerich, Music
Dr. Kareen Malone, Doctoral Program in Psychology
Dr. Josh Masters, English
Dr. Keith Pacholl, History
Dr. Greg Payne, Biology
Dr. Robert Schaefer, Rural & Small Town Planning
Mr. Kevin Shunn, Art
Dr. Laurie Ware, Nursing

College of Business

Dr. Christine Haynes, Accounting & Finance
Dr. Alexa North, Business Education
Dr. Hope Udombon, Richards College of Business

College of Education

Dr. Judy Butler, Broad Field Secondary Social Science, Curriculum & Instruction
Dr. Frank Butts, Leadership and Applied Instruction
Dr. Jack Charlesworth, Counseling/Educational Psychology
Dr. Debra Cobia, Doctoral Program in Professional Counseling and Supervision
Dr. Luke Cornelius,Administration & Supervision, ELPS
Dr. Cathleen Doheny, Early Childhood, Curriculum & Instruction
Dr. Donna Harkins, Reading, Curriculum & Instruction
Dr. Karen Harris, Speech-Language Pathology
Dr. Deborah Jenkins, Dept. of Health, Physical Education and Sport Studies
Dr. Craig Mertler, Doctoral Program in School Improvement
Dr. Harry Morgan, Early Childhood Education, Curriculum & Instruction
Dr. Dawn Putney, Media & Instructional Technology
Dr. Ravic Ringlaben, Special Education
Dr. Rebecca Stanard, Counseling/Educational Psychology


Ms. Anne Barnhart, Library
Dr. John Carter, Psychology
Dr. David Jenks, Sociology & Criminology


Dr. Jon Anderson, Assistant VP, Academic Affairs
Dr. Blaise Bergel, Interim Associate Dean, Richards College of Business
Dr. Tim Schroer, College of Arts and Sciences