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October  13, 2014

What a start!!!!

2014 Midnight Madness at The Coliseum

Tuesday, October 14th at 11:00 the doors of The Coliseum opened and students came pouring into the Atrium.  Midnight Madness had taken effect at The University of West Georgia!  As students piled into The Coliseum, pizza was eaten, monster was given away, and t-shirts were passed out!

After an exciting intro video from UWG Athletics promoting the upcoming game against rival Delta State, the festivities began!  Students had the opportunity to try out their skills shooting from half court, playing musical chairs (with a twist), and trying their best to shoot a basketball after making spinning around enough to make themselves dizzy.

On cue, when the countdown hit midnight, The Wolves Basketball teams were announced for the first time this season.  The crows roared as both the Men's and Women's teams were introduced one by one.  After a few three point competitions between fans and players, it was time for the dunk competition!  Check out the video to see the winning dunk!

The support for The Wolves was amazing and the outlook for the season is exciting!!  To stay up to date with UWG Basketball be sure to check out!

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