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Health and Safety

University Police, Parking & Transportation Services

University Police and Parking & Transportation Services are here for you! They offer a number of services to the UWG community to provide a safe and secure campus. As a commuter, you may face some more obstacles traveling to and from campus than a student who lives on campus. University Police and Parking & Transportation Services provide weather and school closing information, emergency plans, assistance with car trouble, parking services, and campus security.

The University has installed 24 emergency phones around campus which connects directly to the University Police 24 hour emergency line. These phones are found on the big poles that read EMERGENCY, and pushing the big red button will connect you to the University Police Dispatcher. These phones are to be used any time a person needs to contact University Police, which can include true emergencies such as those involving a criminal act or medical situation or something as simple as requesting directions or assistance with a jump-start.

Our 400-acre campus is beautiful, but not so fun to walk around during cold or rainy weather. For this, Parking & Transportation Services offers a shuttle service that operates year-round whenever class is in session. There are 5 routes which travel all over campus, and pick up and drop off at specific bus stop locations. There is also an apartment shuttle which travels to a number of local off campus apartments. These shuttles are great way to get around campus quickly, save money, and be environmentally friendly.

Health Services

Health Services is the round building located across from the UCC, and offers a variety of services to UWG students who are enrolled in six or more hours per semester. Student health fee each semester covers many of the services provided which makes the visits and many services free. The registered pharmacist fills most medications prescribed by the health center for free or for a low price. In addition to the pharmacy and free visits students also have access to free health education materials, the allergy clinic, the family planning clinic, immunizations, lab testing, and many more. Visits to the Health Center are confidential. These great services are provided to you by the amazing and helpful staff, which includes a full-time medical director, a physician, and three nurse practitioners, one full-time registered pharmacist, a director of nursing, two registered nurses, one licensed practical nurse, health educator, patient advocate and three secretaries. Most of the services do not require an appointment, and has convenient hours for students. Health Services is here to help you with any health concern you may have. Visit the Health Services website for a list of services and student health information at or call 678-839-6452.

Commuter Parking

Here are some links that we think will be important to you.

Motor Vehicle Registration All students who park on campus are required to be registered with Parking Services and must display a current parking permit. You must go to Parking Services (located in Row Hall) to obtain your parking hangtag. Failure to do so will result in ticketing for a non-registered vehicle. A student parking/transportation fee is included with class registration fees. When you register your car, you will also receive a map of the parking zones, and a list of parking regulations.

Parking Zones

The campus has been divided into zones which are assigned to residential and commuter students and faculty/staff members. When a vehicle is registered, a zone will be assigned and a hanging decal issued. When you pick up your parking pass at the beginning of the term, you will be given a map of commuter parking locations. We suggest that you leave ample time for parking in the commuter lots, so that you aren't late for your classes. You may have to park across campus from where your classes are held and will need to walk or take the shuttle bus to class, so plan to arrive on campus early.

Check the Parking & Transportation Services website for changes and updates to parking areas.
Tip: If you are parked in a place you should not be parked, you WILL be ticketed or towed.

Inclement Weather

Occasionally, students commuting to the campus from distant points encounter weather which makes travel difficult. Students are advised to use their best judgment in those situations and to consult with individual faculty members about making up lost class time.
Because of the difficulty of making up lost time, classes are cancelled only in extreme circumstances. In the event of an emergency university closing, announcements will be made over the campus radio station as well as radio stations in Carrollton, Newnan, Bremen, Douglasville, Austell, Cedartown, Dalton, and radio and television stations in Atlanta.

Information on closing can also be obtained by calling the University Police, (678) 839-6000 (day or night), or University Communications & Marketing, (678) 839-6464 (daytime only).