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Just because you live off campus, doesn't mean you should feel less "connected" to the university. Remember, most UWG students live off campus! Active commuter involvement is an important part of the college experience - many of our most involved students are commuters. There are a wide range of activities available at UWG that are diverse and flexible enough to accommodate a busy schedule. Your UWG experience will only be enhanced by your involvement outside of the classroom and we hope that you take full advantage of all the programs and services the University provides. Also, check for information on student life at UWG.

1. Take advantage of the Campus Center 
2. Join a club or organization, or attend a student activities event 
3. UWG Athletics 
4. The Center for Student Involvement 
5. Join a Departmental Organization, Honorary or Professional Fraternity 
6. Play Intramural Sports 
7. Develop your leadership skills 
8. UWG Lead 
9. Mentoring 
10. Student Orientation Leader 
11. Volunteer
12. Multi-Cultural Achievement Program (MAP) 
13. Find an on campus job 
14. Student Government Association
15. Become a UWG Ambassador 
16. Student Activities Council 
17. Greek Life 
18. Check the UWG BanWeb Portal 
19. UWG Commuter Student Association 
20. Townsend Center for Performing Arts

Take advantage of the Campus Center
The Campus Center is your place for play, learning, relaxation and campus information. With your student ID, you have access to all the exciting features the Campus Center has to offer. You can get in shape by utilizing the large fitness facility with 205 pieces of equipment, personal trainers, or taking aerobic and fitness classes. Show your rock climbing skills as you scale our 48-foot climbing wall. You will also find other students playing basketball or running on the indoor track. The game room is also a great place to hang out while you shoot pool or play some X-Box. The Campus Center is also a great place to relax, watch some TV and study as the entire facility offers wireless network coverage. Also, it is easy to get connected with student life because the offices for Student Activities Council, Student Government Association, Greek Life, and Leadership Programs are conveniently located in the Campus Center . With so much to do, the Campus Center is a great place to socialize and spend time between your classes. Visit the Campus Center Website for a schedule of events and programs,
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Join a club or organization, or attend a student activities event
There are more than 130 student groups on campus at UWG, with something for everyone. You can learn more about the student groups at UWG by visiting the Center for Student Involvement in the Campus Center Room 304 or by visiting their website at Their site also contains a list of current and upcoming activities and a form you can fill out if you are interested in ways of becoming involved on campus.
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UWG Athletics

University of West Georgia is home to the Wolves. With 11 NCAA Division II varsity sports, you can have several opportunities to be part of the Wolf pack.
There are many ways to get involved with UWG athletics, whether you are a student athlete or athletic supporter. With a variety of games going on throughout the year, take the opportunity to join the Wolf pack and support your UWG Wolves. To check Wolves athletic teams and their schedules, please visit
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The Center for Student Involvement 
The Center for Student Involvement facilitates student engagement, leadership, and involvement through a variety of programs and services. CSI is the place to go if you want to get involved. They offer a number of leadership development opportunities through UWG Lead program. CSI also oversees student organizations, Student Activities Council, and Greek Life. For more information, please visit their website at
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Join a Departmental Organization, Honorary or Professional Fraternity
There are many organizations on campus that are connected to the various majors and academic interests. These organizations range from Departmental Organizations to Honorary and Professional Fraternities. Benefits of these types of organizations are professional development, social events, scholarship, community service, and networking opportunities for students with the same academic or career interests. For a complete list of these organizations, visit
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Play Intramural Sports
UWG provides an excellent program of year-round intramural activities for both men and women-you do NOT have to be super athletically inclined to have fun with intramurals. The Intramurals Department offers opportunities to participate in team and individual sports, outdoor programs, and adventure trips. Many students at UWG take part in a variety of intramural activities, including flag football, billiards, backpacking and many others. You can also rent the outdoor recreation equipment for sports, camping trips, etc. To learn more about intramurals, please visit the Intramurals Office in the Campus Center or visit their website at
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Develop your leadership skills
UWG offers year round programs for students to develop leadership skills. These events are a great way to meet other students, and for you to develop skills that will last a lifetime. For more information about the program and upcoming events, please visit
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UWG Lead
The Leadership Program or LEAD (Leadership Education and Development) is part of the Center for Student Involvement at the University of West Georgia.
LEAD provides students with a broad range of leadership theory and personal development opportunities, through a variety of programs and co-curricular experiences. This program aims to support and educate students on becoming leaders in their academic, co-curricular, and social lives. For more information, please visit their website at
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The Excel center offers a HOPE mentoring program and a First Year Mentoring Program for UWG students. The First Year Mentoring Program pairs first year students with compatible and trained upper classman mentors to help with the transition of the academic and social life of a UWG student. This mentoring program offers tutoring, success seminars, social programs, etc. The mentor assists the new student with the realities that go along with being a first year student.

The HOPE mentoring program is designed to help first year HOPE scholar students with the transition to the academic and social environment of UWG. Each first year HOPE scholar is paired with an upper classman HOPE scholar mentor. The mentor assists the first year HOPE scholar to have a positive and successful experience at UWG.

The Center for Student Involvement also offers mentoring opportunities through their leadership development program. The Leadership Mentor Program is designed to connect established student leaders with aspiring leaders. Mentors will be assigned a small group students who are attending Leadership 'to Go'; Basic Training. Mentors will guide their mentees through Leadership 'to Go' Basic Training by serving as a resource for leadership and campus involvement opportunities.

Check out more information about getting a mentor or becoming a mentor, Excel Center 's Mentoring Programs website,

For the Leadership Mentor Program website, visit
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Student Orientation Leader
Being a Student Orientation Leader is a great opportunity to become connected with UWG. If you are looking to meet LOTS of new and exciting people while you gain great leadership skills and earn money, then becoming an Orientation Leader is just for you!
As a Student Orientation Leader, you will be part of the orientation team and will have the chance to work with other UWG students, faculty and staff, as well as, new West Georgia students. Orientation Leaders help new students with their transition into UWG by providing information and sharing experiences about life as a UWG student. This is really an excellent way to learn more about the university, get involved, make some money, and meet many new people.

For more information, visit the Orientation website at Or you can contact Nova Davidson at 678 839 4734 or email
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Volunteering your time not only enhances your leadership and people skills, it's a great way to help your community. For opportunities to volunteer, please visit the Career Services Department in Parker Hall or visit their volunteer website at
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Multi-Cultural Achievement Program (MAP)
The Multi-Cultural Achievement Program (MAP) is an academic support program for minority students at UWG. The goal of MAP is to ensure that all minority students have a positive experience at UWG. Not only does MAP recognize the differences in background, experiences, and national origin of each student, but they also seek to promote a genuine understanding and appreciation of these differences. MAP promotes academic success by providing a number of services and programs which enhance the well-being of minority students. Some services of MAP include mentoring, study skills sessions, career exploration, academic recognition, and more. For more information on MAP visit the website
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Find an on campus job
A great way to be a part of campus and to meet staff, faculty and students (while earning money!) is to find a job on campus. For information on campus job postings, visit Career Services in Parker Hall, or visit their site at Job listings change all the time, so check often.
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Student Government Association
The Student Government Association (SGA) is an excellent way to meet new people and gain great leadership experience. SGA serves as a connection between UWG administration and students. SGA helps implement programs, events, and other things that help advance UWG student experience. The primary focus of SGA is to address students' concerns and issues. The Campus Center, expansion of commuter parking, and construction of our future stadium are just some of the great services SGA has brought to the students of UWG.

There are many different ways to get involved with SGA. Throughout the year, you are able to become a member of any SGA committee. Or you can apply in the Spring to become a senator or a member of the executive council for the following year. Becoming a member of the Student Government Association, you will have the opportunity to get involved, meet new and diverse people, and make a difference at UWG.

For more information visit the SGA website or stop by the office in Room 320 of the Campus Center, call 678-839-4742, or email:
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Become a UWG Ambassador
University Ambassadors is a student organization that assists the office of admissions with recruitment of potential UWG students.
This volunteer organization is responsible for providing tours of the campus to prospective students, hosting preview day, attending high schools, college fairs, and much more. If you love UWG, want to meet new people, and develop leadership skills then check out the University Ambassador website for more information.
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Student Activities Council
The Student Activities Council (SAC) hosts a variety of events for the UWG community. The Student Activities Council's goal is to provide entertaining, social and educational programs for UWG. Each year, SAC brings a variety of new and unique programs to our campus, which students are able to attend for FREE. Past programs have included MTV celebrity speakers, live music, comedians, relationship experts, illusionists, hypnotists, and much more. Some of the annual events that are hosted by Student Activities Council are Welcome Back Week, UWG Homecoming Week, Greek Week and Spring Fling. Attend an event to have some fun and meet new people. SAC events are a guaranteed great time!

SAC consists of an Executive Board which oversees seven committees, Special Events, Publicity, Live Music, Multicultural, Comedy, and University Traditions. The SAC Executive Board is made up of UWG students and a faculty advisor. There are many ways to become a part of the Student Activities Council: you can check out a SAC meeting, join a committee or become an Executive Board member. Whether you are attending an event or are member of SAC, it will definitely be a great experience.

For more information, visit , email us at or call (678) 839-6526. Application forms are available in the SAC Office, Room 319 of the Campus Center. Also, check out the SAC event calendar to see upcoming programs and meetings.
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Greek Life
Greek life is a great way to enhance your experience at UWG. With 21 National fraternities and sororities on campus, you should be able to find a Greek organization which best fits you. There are many opportunities presented as a member of a fraternity or sorority at UWG. Greeks are represented in every facet of university life and are a driving force in student government, honoraries, and athletics. Academic success, campus involvement, leadership development, networking, community service, social events, and athletics are just some of the benefits of being Greek. Not to mention, the great friends and memories you will make along the way.

For more information about recruitment and membership, check out the Greek Life website,, or contact the Center for Student Involvement at 678-839-6526.
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Check the UWG BanWeb Portal
A lot of activities that are happening around campus are posted on the UWG Portal (myuwg). Check it often for updates about events and things happening around campus.
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UWG Commuter Student Association
The Commuter Student Association (CSA) aims to develop a sense of community among all commuter students by connecting commuters to each other and to UWG. The Commuter Student Association encourages campus involvement among commuter students and is a great way to get involved. The CSA offers many benefits and leadership opportunities for its members. CSA sponsors events and programs throughout the year that will help connect commuter students with other UWG students, faculty & staff to help make the most of your UWG experience.
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Townsend Center for Performing Arts

The Townsend Center for Performing Arts offers music and theater performances for your entertainment. Professional artists bring their specialties to life throughout the year. The Maurice K. Townsend Center for the Performing Arts supports the academic departments of Music and Theatre throughout their various performance and educational endeavors, supports the academic mission of the university as a whole, and advocates the Arts to the university and surrounding communities. Located right on campus, there's no easier way to see some great shows (student led and professional alike) that to attend an event at the Townsend center. For more information and show listings, please visit their website at
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