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Academic Support & Advising

If you need any help at all with anything in the Academic area, there is someone on campus that you can go to help you. We encourage students to get to know professors at UWG - UWG professors have office hours where you can go ask them questions. We also have a lot of other services that are here to help you as well. You don't have to be struggling to seek help either - if you are just not clear about something, or if you want to improve your study skills, we encourage you to use the services that are here for you.

1) The EXCEL Center for Academic Success, Room 200, UCC

The EXCEL Center is devoted to the success and welfare of all UWG students and serves as a resource to their parents as well. They offer:

2) The University Writing Center, Room 1201 TLC

The Writing Center is designed to support and supplement instruction in all disciplines. The staff works with students referred by faculty and students who come on their own. In addition, the Center offers an electronic tutorial service at to assist students and faculty with writing questions that can be responded to briefly when they don't have time to come by the Center in person.

The Writing Center is located in the Technology-Enhanced Learning Center (TLC) 1201, Parkman Room. Stop by and visit or call 678-839-6513 or email (for information, appointments), (for online tutoring), or visit them at

3) Math Tutoring Center, Room 205 Boyd Building

The Department of Mathematics operates a free tutoring service called the Math Tutoring Center (formerly the Math Lab). The tutoring center is staffed by faculty and students who have demonstrated an understanding of the mathematics courses offered at this institution. The tutoring center is open to ANYONE who needs help in MATH 1001, MATH 1111, MATH 1112, MATH 1113, MATH 1413, and MATH 1634, etc.

The Math Tutoring Center is located in room 205 of the Boyd Building. If you have any questions or comments about the math tutoring center please contact Jim Bellon at 678-839-4140 or visit online at

4) Computer Support/Help, Room 122 Cobb Hall

There is always a possibility that something can go wrong with personal computers. However, most users do not have the time or knowledge to assess and correct these problems. Here is where SITS comes into the picture: to serve the West Georgia students' computer needs. SITS (Student Information Technology Services) will provide a free service to UWG students to help in finding solutions to their software and/or hardware problems with their personal computers. SITS is for currently enrolled UWG students. SITS will identify and assess the problem for free and SITS will make every reasonable effort to meet your needs in providing services. SITS will work on any personal computer to help you. However, there will be some limitations for Macintosh and laptop computer repairs. To reach SIT, call (678) 839-6587 or send an e-mail to

5) Student Development Center and Disability Services

UWG's Student Development Center, located in Parker Hall, provides a variety of services for students. They offer free individual and group counseling which assist students with personal or academic issues. Academic counseling is available and can help you in a variety of areas to improve your grades! They offer assistance with reading, test anxiety, study skills, time management, and more. Personal counseling is also available to help deal with adjustment to college, personal growth, personal concerns, substance abuse, and psychotherapy. They are a great place to go if you need someone to talk to and services are confidential. The Student Development Center offers a career counseling service which can help you with exploring your options for majors and careers. For a small fee of $15, you will be on your way to finding the perfect profession. You can make an appointment by seeing them in Parker Hall, calling them at 678 839 6428 or by checking out their website at
Disability Services is part of the Student Development Center and they work with students who have a documented physical or psychological disability or a learning disorder. Disability Services provides students with the resources necessary to have a successful and positive experience at UWG. To get more information about the services offered you can make an appointment with one of the Disability Coordinators. Call Student Development at 678-839-6428 or stop by Parker Hall (2nd floor).
Visit the website at

6) The Scoop & Catalog

Keep up to date with campus news, policies, and information. The Scoop and Catalog will keep you connected with what is going on each semester at UWG.  The Scoop is our per-semester campus guide for important details including: the University calendar, general announcements, class periods, exam schedules, registration deadlines, financial aid, advisement information, and other important details.  The Catalog is a yearly publication that lists and describes all departments, programs, and courses offered at UWG.
You can pick up a copy of the Scoop and the Catalog at various locations around Campus or online, The Scoop -

7) The Honors College

The Honors College includes the Advanced Academy of Georgia, the Select Student Program, HOPE-ACCEL Program for jointly enrolled high school juniors & seniors, Presidential Scholarships, International & National Scholarships, the Intercollegiate Debate Program, and all Honors College curriculum. Honors students' majors include all academic undergraduate degree programs offered by the University. The Honors College offers different student activities, their own residence hall and special courses for the students. The Honors College accepts applications from prospective and current UWG students. For more information check out the website at, email Mike Hester at, or call 678-839-6636.

8) Financial Aid

Financial Aid is your number resource to help you finance college. Located in Aycock Hall, the Financial Aid department can assist you with acquiring loans, grants, scholarships, and work programs. For more information about financial aid services visit the website at or call 678-839-6421.
Other important Financial Aid websites,,  (UWG school FASFA code-001601), & UWG scholarships

9) Distance Education

A distance learning class is one in which the students are geographically separated from the instructor. Some courses are completely web-based, while others combine the online learning with the traditional class, requiring students to travel to campus for one or more class sessions. These types of classes offer convenience and access to a number of resources. Distance education courses provide more freedom to students, but they also require a considerable amount of individual responsibility in order to meet due dates and deadlines. The amount of learning and interaction in the course is dependent on the student's involvement with the class assignments and instructional tools. These online courses utilize a variety of methods which allow the students and professors to communicate and interact with each other such as, bulletin boards, live chats, and email. WebCt, is an online tool that manages students' course information like class notes, assignment, and grades. Each distance learning class provides students with the detailed description of the course and curriculum, the syllabi, important links, the amount and type of interaction with students and instructors, academic and financial aid support, and payment information.
A variety of distance education courses are taught each semester. The Excel Center at the UWG main campus provides academic advisement to provide students with necessary information about online courses. 'Ask Andy' is the online academic advisor that can help answer your questions. Registering for distance learning classes can be done through Banweb during registration, books can be bought through the UWG online bookstore, and online library services are provided as well.
For more distance education information and course listings please visit the website at

10) eCore courses

Electronic core-curriculum, eCore, provides students the opportunity to complete the required core curriculum in an online environment. A variety of courses are taught in the areas of English, mathematics, science, history, and the social sciences. Convenience, flexibility, and low tuition are major advantages to enrolling in eCore Classes.
For more information about eCore classes at UWG visit the website at

11) Library Access

As a UWG student, you have are able to use UWG's Irvine Sullivan Ingram Library, located in Carrollton. At the library, you fill find three floors of books, magazines, newspapers, reference materials and more. It is a great place to study and there are many resources available to assist you with your schoolwork, such as librarians, 20 plus computers, a copy machine, study carols, wireless internet, etc. You may also access the Ingram Library online at
You have access to any University or College in Georgia as long as you are a Georgia resident and student of UWG. You also have access to GALIEO, the state-wide virtual library, where you can retrieve information from over 100 databases. Information and resources for distance education and off-campus students is accessible on the library website, For assistance with library issues call 1-800-295-2321, or e-mail

Academic Advisement

Academic advising is a joint responsibility: yours and your advisor's. It is a continuous process that begins with your freshman orientation and culminates at your graduation. Be aware that some departments may put a hold on your registration until you have seen an advisor. Be sure to make an appointment for advising well in advance of your day to register. With a few exceptions, you will register yourself on a computer using Banweb. When you may register is determined by the last two (2) digits of your social security number and is noted in the Bulletin of Courses each semester.

Remember, it is important that all students consult with their advisors prior to registration and all undergraduate students are required to see their advisors before registering.

Why Do You Need To Be Advised?

Every semester, every student is required to meet with an academic advisor.  The purpose is to make sure that you know what you need to take to fulfill the Core Curriculum prepare for your major, and graduate on time.  The goal is to put YOU in charge of your academic career.

What Your Advisor Expects From You

1. An appointment made early, well before your registration date. Promptness at all of your scheduled advising appointments.
2. Preparation for your advising appointment. Always have with you a pen, Schedule of Classes, West Georgia catalog, curriculum guide, and transfer evaluation. Have tentative schedules worked out.
3. Basic knowledge of the Core Curriculum and your academic record to date so that you can provide your advisor with the information needed to reach your goals.
4. Basic knowledge about the academic requirements and policies in the West Georgia Undergraduate Catalog.
5. Acceptance of responsibility for your choices and your decisions.
6. A willingness to ask questions and be an active participant in your educational career.

What You Can Expect From Your Advisor

1. General information about University policies, programs available at West Georgia , the Core Curriculum, degree requirements for your major, and career possibilities.
2. Assistance in planning and scheduling each semester's program of study.
3. Awareness of the services and persons available to offer assistance when you are experiencing academic difficulties.
4. Knowledge of University regulations regarding grades and grade point averages relating to required academic progress as well as other University requirements (such as Regents' Test, etc.).
5. Confidentiality of your academic record and any personal concerns/questions which may be discussed.

Where do you get Advised?

Students are assigned to departments for advising based on their majors or programs of study. Departments will direct students to the appropriate advisor within the major or program, depending on program requirements and areas of faculty expertise.

All students who have declared a major or have a specific field of interest, with exceptions noted below, will be advised in the department of their major or area of interest. Academic departments may assign advisees to individual faculty members based upon the student's plan of study.

Richards College of Business majors will be advised by the pre-major advisor.  Please visit their website at for more information.

College of Education majors will be advised by the College of Education Advisement Center. They are located in the Education Center and can be reached at (678) 839-6050.  Please visit their site at for more information.  Please note that Secondary Education majors should see their subject (math, history, etc.) advisor for all core/subject classes and then see the Secondary Education advisor for all education classes.

The advisors in the EXCEL Center will advise students in the pre-major programs (Pre-Nursing, Pre-Mass Communications, Pre-Criminology, Pre-Sociology, and Pre-Psychology) as well as those students who are truly undecided. To make an advisement appointment, call or stop by the EXCEL Center in room 200 of the UCC. You may call for an appointment at 678-839-6280, and if you have questions about advisement, email them at Also visit their advising page at

Arts and Sciences majors will be advised by a faculty member in their academic department(other than pre-majors advised by the EXCEL Center) .  For more information (including a list of academic departments) visit

Honors College students will be advised in the Honors House by the Dean of the Honors College , staff members of the Honors College, or a member of the Honors College Committee.