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Instructor Information

Becoming an Instructor for Continuing Education Process:

We are always looking for good part-time instructors with specialty talents.  Continuing Education programs are usually planned 3 to 6 months in advance.  Customized training programs are scheduled as needed.  We invite you to submit a letter of application with the following information:

You may submit this letter/application to the Department of Continuing Education by mail, e-mail, FAX, or in person.  The letter should be sent to the attention of the Director.  Once your letter of application is received, you will be notified and an appointment for an interview will be scheduled for further discussion and planning.

Mailing address:  UWG, Department of Continuing Education, 1600 Maple Street, Carrollton, Georgia  30118.


FAX:  (678) 839-6610

*Continuing Education Instructors will be required to complete a periodic background check and a self-reported criminal background check annually.*