Fee Charts

Tuition Fees and Charges - Fall 2013 to Summer 2014

Tuition,Fees, and Charges - Fall 2012 to Summer 2013

  • If you are taking online classes such as Net and Ecore, then you may have additional tuition charges associated with them; These types of classes have their own fee charts.
  • Net classes have two sepearate charges; They are designated as Net Tuition and Ecore.
  • Keep in mind information in the above charts is intended only to be a guide to assist students in assessing the potential costs per semester. Special course fees and other miscelaneous charges are NOT included in these fee charts.
  • An auditor is a student who enrolls as an observe or listener ONLY. Auditors pay all regular fees and tuition for enrollment. A post-baccalaureate, non-degree seeking student  attends classes, but is not seeking a UWG degree. These students also pay all regular tuition and fee rates. For more information on these speciality students, click here.