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Approval to Pay Request on PO Purchases

Support documentation for departmental purchases of merchandise should include verification of physical receipt of items such as a signed delivery notice, packing slip, or similar proof of delivery. If no documentation Is provided, the Payables department of the Office of the Controller has initiated an automated email ATP request, “Approval to Pay Requested on PO”, sent to the authorized departmental purchaser requesting confirmation by return email that the merchandise described was received and payment may proceed. The automated ATP will reference the Purchase Order number, vendor name, voucher number, payment due date, voucher amount, description of items purchased, and account string utilized by the department.

If your department receives an ATP request, please respond to the email with either “Approved for Payment” or “Not Approved for Payment” within five (5) business days of receipt of the email. DUE TO FISCAL YEAR END PAYABLES DEADLINES, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR DEPARTMENTS TO PROVIDE TIMELY RESPONSES IF AN ATP REQUEST IS RECEIVED. If anyone has questions concerning the process, please contact Nikki Adair at ext 95357 or Angela Rowell at ext 96396.