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Expense Mileage Rate Change

Mileage Reimbursement Rate Revisions – Effective 01/01/2011
The Office of the Controller has received official notification from the Georgia State Accounting Office concerning changes to the State travel reimbursement rates for calendar year 2011.

The following rates are applicable to travel that occurs on or after January 1, 2011:

1.  Tier 1 Rates:  When it is determined that a personal motor vehicle is the most advantageous form of travel:

a. Automobile - $0.51 per mile (increased from $.50 per mile)
b. Motorcycle - $0.48 per mile (increased from $.47 per mile)
c. Aircraft - $1.29 per mile (no change in rate)

2. Tier 2 Rates: 
$0.19 per mile … government- or agency-owned vehicle is available, and its use is determined to be most advantageous to the state, or if it is determined that a rental vehicle (Enterprise Rent-a-Car contract) is the recommended method of travel, but a personal motor vehicle is used (decreased from $.285 per mile)

3. Tier 3 Rate:
This rate is no longer applicable

The electronic expense report format in the People Soft Expense module has been modified to reflect these new rates.  If you experience a PeopleSoft problem believed to be related to this change, please call Tricia Durrough at 678.839.6392.  If you have a question regarding the applicability of the appropriate rate, please contact the Office of the Controller at 678.839.6390.