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Revisions to BOR BPM Section 4.0 Travel

The Office of the Controller has received notice of revisions to the Board of Regents (BOR) “Section 4.0 Travel” Business Procedures Manual. A summary of important changes is provided below. The entire BPM document may be accessed at the following link:

• Receipts are required for parking, toll fees, mass transit fares, taxi fares, and airport van/shuttle fares ONLY if they exceed $25.00 (4.3.3).
• Odometer readings are no longer required for employees traveling by personal vehicle and requesting reimbursement. However, odometer readings must continue to be entered into the PeopleSoft electronic expense report format until a software update slated for March 2011 is released (4.6.5).
• High Cost Areas have been amended to include the counties of Clayton, Coweta, Fayette, and Richmond Counties in addition to the previous counties of Chatham, Cobb, DeKalb, Fulton, Glynn, and Gwinnett (4.1.8).
• Employees traveling to conferences or meetings will be required to submit an official agenda from the conference with their expense report when requesting reimbursement (4.3.2 and 4.4.1).
• If an employee requests reimbursement for a meal that was provided by a conference, the employee must justify the meal reimbursement by using the exception checkbox and comment section in PeopleSoft and provide a receipt for the meal. Meal reimbursement amounts may not exceed the allowable per diem amount (4.3.2, 4.3.3, and 4.4.1).
• University of West Georgia Institutional policy requires receipts for all gasoline purchases for rental vehicles regardless of amount.
• If an employee departs on an overnight trip prior to 10:59am, the employee is eligible for per diem for lunch on the day of departure, as well as per diem for dinner on that day (4.4.1).
• To claim a high cost meal per diem associated with overnight travel, an employee must be working and lodging in a designated high cost area (4.4.2).
• Accountability - Employees are responsible for timely and accurate accounting of their travel expenses (4.1.1).
These revisions are effective as of February 01, 2011. If any questions, contact Randy Miller, Assistant Controller at extension 95329.

Two travel policy training sessions will be offered to review these changes and current travel policies.  These sessions will be held on:
• Monday, February 7 in COE Room 4 at 2:00
• Tuesday, February 8 in COE Room 5 at 3:00
Please contact Patricia Durrough at ext 96392 for details pertaining to these training sessions.