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Per Diem Allowance - Meals Associated with Overnight Travel

The Board of Regents (BOR) recently announced revisions to “Section 4.0 Travel” of the Business Procedures Manual. The Office of the Controller has received clarification concerning per diem allowance for meals associated with overnight travel as included as part of the cost of a conference registration.

For interpretation, either a continental breakfast or an evening reception featuring heavy hors d’oeuvres do constitute the State and Board of Regents definition for a meal. For audit requirements, travelers must provide an official conference agenda with their printed expense report statement indicating meals included in conference registration fees.

If an employee requests reimbursement for a meal that was otherwise provided by a conference, the employee must justify the meal reimbursement by using the exception checkbox and comment section in PeopleSoft and provide a receipt for the meal. Meal reimbursement amounts may not exceed the allowable per diem amount.

The entire BPM document may be accessed at the following link: