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BOR Travel Expense Receipt Requirements

The Office of the Controller has received confirmation today, 02/24/11, from the Georgia Department of Audits and Accounts, the Georgia State Accounting Office, and the Board of Regents that receipts from 3rd party travel consolidators (such as but not limited to, Travelocity, Expedia, etc) do not meet requirements as specified in the BOR Travel BPM guidelines UNLESS the vendor’s receipt provides an itemized detail breakdown of costs of service(s) provided.

The Board of Regents (BOR) Business Procedures Manual “Section 4.0 Travel” states in Section 4.3.3 “ Travel Expense Receipt Requirements” that employees must submit receipts for the following expense types:
• Lodging, with an itemized breakdown of costs such as room charge, parking, WIFI (internet), laundry, etc
• Airline or railroad fares
• Rental of motor vehicles

Effectively immediately, travelers utilizing a 3rd party travel consolidator for lodging, airline, rental car, and/or a combination of these services should be aware of the risk for reimbursement if the vendor is unable to provide an itemized detail breakdown of the cost of service(s) provided.