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Common Travel Issues

As Employees are completing their Summer travel and returning to campus in preparation for Fall Semester, here is a short list of the most common travel related issues which may delay the approval process or reduce your reimbursement.

• If any meal is included as a part of the cost of a conference registration, the traveler may not receive a per diem for the included meal.  If a traveler is unable to participate in a conference meal, the traveler must submit a paid meal receipt(s) and provide an explanation of the circumstances which prevented participation in the meal(s).  An official conference agenda must also accompany the traveler’s printed expense statement when submitted for payment processing.
• Documentation that does not meet the minimal receipt requirements for lodging, airfare, and car rental as published on the Travel Services website at Often times, 3rd party travel consolidators such as Travelocity, Expedia, Hot Wire, and others are unable to provide the breakout cost of services as the State Accounting Office requires.
• Expense report statements are to be submitted within sixty (60) days of last travel date. If this occurs, complete and attach the “60 Day Reasonable Exception Request Form” located at the following link . The 60 day policy was implemented by our institution to record expenditures more timely to the period in which they were incurred.
• For Tier 1 mileage rate reimbursement consideration, travelers are to submit a completed vehicle cost comparison form to determine the most cost effective mode of transportation if round trip mileage exceeds 200 miles.
• When seeking mileage reimbursement but “departing from or returning to” locations other than the UWG campus, travelers must deduct commute miles.

Travelers are encouraged to participate in Travel Policy Training as provided by Patricia Durrough (ext 96392) to minimize processing delays and maximize your reimbursement opportunities.

If you have any travel related questions, please contact Anita Saunders (ext 96394), Lisa Thrash (ext 95303), Angela Rowell (ext 96396), or Randy Miller (ext 95329).