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In-State Hotel/Motel Tax Exemption

Employees traveling within the State of Georgia on official business are exempt from paying county or municipal excise tax on lodging (often described as “hotel/motel” or “occupancy” tax). For in-state travel, employees are to submit a certificate of excise tax exemption to the lodging facility at the time of check-in. Employees are required to pay any state or local sales and use tax if making personal payment and seeking travel reimbursement.

For our traveler’s assistance, please review the “In-State Hotel/Motel Tax Exemption” document now located on the Travel Services website under Institutional Guidelines and Procedures. This statement provides information to assist the traveler if he/she encounters refusal to accept the tax exemption statement and identifies the traveler’s responsibility to resolve the matter. The policy statement also has links to both the “Certificate of Exemption of Local Hotel/Motel Excise Tax for the State of Georgia” and a new “In-State Hotel/Motel Tax Exception Form” to aid in collection of required information to seek reimbursement should it become necessary.

If you have questions, please contact Randy Miller in the Office of the Controller at ext 95329.