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Limits for Reimbursement Requests

University, Board of Regents and State Purchasing rules require that expenditure of State funds follow prescribed processes. The processes are in place to insure that most expenditures receive appropriate approvals from supervisors, the Budget Office, Purchasing and in some cases General Counsel, IT and Risk Management before the expenditure is made. In the case of expenditures for non-construction goods and services and PCard purchases, purchases are required to be made through a process that involves submitting a request for purchase before the purchase is made. In addition to documenting the required approvals before the purchase, the process provides a way to document receipt of goods and services when they are delivered to the University.

We understand that on occasion circumstances can warrant making a procurement prior to completing the required process. When this is the case the employee responsible for the procurement should include a brief explanation for not following the procurement process when they submit a reimbursement request. If the explanation is reasonable and the reimbursement request is for $100.00 or less the reimbursement will be approved. If the reimbursement is for more than $100.00, or if the explanation represents a willful disregard for following the required preapproval process, or if similar requests are frequently submitted, the employee responsible for the procurement will be required to provide an explanation to the Director of Purchasing Services, through their Vice President, for not following the appropriate procurement process.

If you are unclear about the limitations on Reimbursement requests or the required explanations please contact John Klatt, Director of Purchasing Services, 95075,, or Shelly Parker, Assistant Director of Purchasing Services, 96398, The Purchasing staff would also welcome the opportunity bring the Purchasing Road Show to your location to answer questions or address concerns with UWG’s procurement, contracting, or PCard processes.