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ePro Desktop Receiving Reminder

Attention ePro Requesters:
As a reminder, all ePro Purchase Orders must be received through desktop receiving within ePro. When an invoice is received from a vendor and entered into the PeopleSoft system, the system checks for a receiver. If no receiver is found, the system will send out an automatic reminder to the requester to receive the item. The requester should receive the item if the goods have been received by the user. If receiving is not done at this time, please be sure to receive the items when they are delivered by Central Receiving. Failure to receive items in a timely manner will result in delayed payments to your vendor.

It is a good idea to review your Receive Items link within eProcurement on a regular basis to ensure that you have indicated the receipt of all items that have actually been received.

If you have any questions regarding how to perform Desktop Receiving, please contact Tricia Durrough at x96392.