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Revised Travel Authorization Policy

Effective February 5, 2013, written travel authorizations are no longer required to be attached to the travel expense reimbursement for employees and non-employees (including students and candidates). Please consult your Department Chair, Dean or Vice President for how your organization is handling or will handle travel authorizations, since a written “paper trail’ is still required to be available in your unit for audit purposes . This change was approved by the President yesterday.

The completed travel authorization form will continue to be required when requesting prepayment of airfare using West Georgia Travel. The document is contractually required and is submitted by the West Georgia Travel to UWG in support of their invoice. The document may also be required at year end for encumbrance of travel occurring in the first quarter of the new fiscal year. This announcement and change does not eliminate the need for compliance with the Student Group Travel policy. Additional information regarding studies abroad and other team/group travel will be forthcoming. Some information historically provided on the travel authorization form may still be required to remain in compliance with State reporting requirements. The Office of the Controller will use the Daily report to announce and distribute the information.

A written travel authorization will no longer be required for a cash advance or payment of registration fees.