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FY13 Year End Travel Deadlines

FY13 Year End Processing Dates as related to Travel have been UPDATED and are available from the link on the Office of the Controller’s website. Note that these preliminary dates are subject to revision as additional information is received from various state agencies. Please continue to monitor the Daily Report for future releases.

05/31/2013 Last day for Prepaid Airfare and Registration for FY14 travel (1ST Qtr Only) to be paid from FY13 funds. IMPORTANT NOTE: All other travel expense with departure date in FY13 and return date in FY14 will be reimbursed with FY14 funding.

6/12/2013 5:00 p.m. Last day for PeopleSoft electronic data entry in the Expense module. Expense reports for reimbursement (including travel) must be electronically approved by all approvers and have a status of valid budget check to be considered eligible for payment against FY13 funds. Expense reports in pending or submitted statuses or those not fully approved at the department and project level will be marked as “denied” and purged from the PeopleSoft System.

6/14/2013 12:00 p.m. (Noon) If unable to submit electronic expense report by 06/12/13 deadline for travel with return date on or before 6/30/13, please contact Randy Miller ( to make special arrangements to encumber FY13 funds with an approved travel authorization. Total travel expense per trip must be greater than $500.00 after prepayments. Approved travel authorizations must be received and date stamped in the Office of the Controller by 06/14/13 12:00pm (Noon) deadline for anticipated travel with return date on or before 6/30/13 in order to encumber FY13 funds. Failure to do so will prohibit use of FY13 funds for FY13 travel expenses.

6/17/2013 12:00 p.m. (Noon) Printed, signed expense reports for electronic travel submissions through PeopleSoft for 6/12/13 deadline must be received and date stamped in the Office of the Controller. As noted above, electronic expense reports must have been fully approved, have a status of valid budget check, and all supporting documents be in order to utilize FY13 funds.

Please refrain from data entry into PeopleSoft Expenses after 6/12/13 as transactions will be purged from the system and placing FY13 funds at risk. Travel reimbursements for trips encumbered with specifically approved travel authorizations as well as any other travel which was not submitted electronically in the People Soft expense module by the 06/12/13 deadline will be issued in FY14 once open for business. No travel cash advances will be issued for trips with return dates later than 05/31/13. If questions, please contact Randy Miller, Asst Controller, at ext 95329 or at .