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Alternate Approvers

Over the summer many Official Approvers are not on campus or even on the continent. The Office of the Controller recommends that all PeopleSoft Approvers, who will be out of the office at times during the break or summer semester, establish an alternate approver to approve transactions during his/her absence. This additional step enables electronic expense reports and purchasing requisitions to route smoothly to an alternate approver while you are out of the office. Transactions that fail to route for proper approval may not be processed prior to fiscal year end placing FY13 funds at risk. Remember that the designated alternate approver must have the appropriate approver roles prior to being set as the alternate approver. Follow these steps to establish an alternate approver:

• Log into PeopleSoft Financials

• Click My System Profile in the menu list

• Under Alternate Approver enter the Alternate Approver USERID and a start and end date for the time period in which the alternate is to approve. Remember, only new incoming transactions will route to the alternate approver. Any items currently in your Worklist will still need to be approved by the original approver.

• Click SAVE.

To establish an alternate approver to manually sign transactions on your behalf, please complete the Temporary Delegate Authorization Form . This form should be completed and submitted with all financial requests signed by the alternate approver.

If you have any questions regarding the establishment of an alternate approver or whether an alternate approver has the appropriate approver roles, please contact Christy Rabern at x95528 or Tricia Durrough at x96392.