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Comment Field in Travel Expense Report

In an effort to streamline travel documentation, travelers can now use the comments field in the PeopleSoft Expense Report to document additional information or issues/problems experienced while on travel status rather than submitting separate, approved justifications. Utilizing the comments field will allow the Approving Official to easily view the explanation(s) at time of approval. The comments field can be found on the top right hand side of the “General Information” section of the expense report.

The most effective way to use this field is to identify the:

• Expense Date

• Expense Type

• Brief explanation/justification

When providing an explanation or justification, remember a very brief statement is all that is required.

Examples of acceptable justifications when there is a reception or event:

• Not an actual meal or,

• Arrived prior to/after event or,

• Participating in another event during meal time or,

• Not affiliated with this group or,

• Not invited to attend this event or,

• Not a member of the event/group or,

• Diet restrictions/not able to participate in the meal or,

• Food allergies/not able to participate in the meal or,

• Illness at time of event/meal or,

• First come, First serve, no food remained