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SAO Travel Policy Revisions

State Travel Policy Revisions – effective 07/01/2013

With the new fiscal year come changes to State travel regulations. This announcement does not contain all the changes and more will be announced as clarifications are received.

Incidentals – Out of state (domestic) incidental expenses are now reimbursed separately. The $5 per day incidental rate no longer applies. The traveler must state the type of tip being reimbursed, i.e., porter tips, bell hop, maid service, etc.

Meal per diems:

• Non-overnight stay – trips greater than 12 hours and more than 50 miles from residence and primary work station receive applicable portion of the total day’s allowance when no meal was/is provided.

• First/Last Day reimbursement for travel requiring an overnight stay – Traveler’s reimbursement is now reduced by the amount of the provided meal(s) before the 75% proration instead of after.

Car Rental – Personal use has been defined to include family and friends and therefore are prohibited from riding in a state rented vehicle.

Additional changes are expected once the Board of Regents completes their revision process. Expectations of additional changes include: salary threshold ($50,000 or less) for travel advance eligibility, time limits & penalties for report submission greater than 60 days after the end of the trip.

Contact Randy Miller, Anita Saunders or Lisa O’Neal in the Office of the Controller at 9-6390 for additional information.