Dr.Farooq Khan

Dr. Khan was born in New Delhi, India once upon a time. He spent his early childhood reading a lot of fiction, and listening to the radio, and really enjoyed three subjects in school - chemistry, English and history. He majored in chemistry at the Indian Institute of Technology in Kanpur, and arrived in the U.S. in 1985 for pursuing doctoral studies at Columbia University.

Dr. Khan has been at West Georgia since 1994, where he is a Professor of Chemistry, and was recently appointed Dean of the COSM. He teaches introductory and physical chemistry and environmental studies, and pursues faculty-directed undergraduate research in chemical dynamics using lasers and mass spectrometers.

Other than chemistry (of which he is very fond), he enjoys John Grisham's novels and presidential history. He also follows baseball, and is an avid Mets fan. He is married to a fellow chemist, Ghazia Asif. They have an eleven-year old, Sarah, and a six-year old, Alisha.