Message from Associate Dean for Research, COSM

The College of Science and Mathematics plays a central role in contributing to mission of research at the University of West Georgia. “Innovative research by faculty members” and “undergraduate research aimed at preparing students for graduate and professional schools, and for an increasingly competitive global jobs market” are the integral parts of the mission of our college.

COSM is home to a rich portfolio of faculty research expertise. Our faculty members receive necessary support in terms of modest start-up money and course-release to establish their research programs, intramural grants to sustain their research, and pre-grant support to facilitate writing extramural grants. In collaboration with Office of Research and Sponsored projects, the college conducts periodic workshops and undertakes grant-writing initiatives. The COSM Dean’s Research Seminar Series, a monthly event showcasing faculty research and the annual public seminar on the current year’s Nobel prizes are ongoing efforts by the Dean’s office to promote research awareness.

Across every discipline, our College is the leader for remarkable growth in research productivity - in terms of grants and publications. Our faculty members have been recipients of a large share of intramural grants as well as highly competitive extramural grants from NIH, NSF, other governmental agencies, foundations and private companies. Nonetheless, it is just the beginning and our goal is to facilitate and promote this growth, significantly.

We strive to give our students the solid foundations, expose them to current methodology and provide state-of-the art equipment to fulfill the research mission of the College. Faulty-directed undergraduate research is the key to our student experience. Undergraduates at COSM receive a diverse and unique education that emphasizes diligent and systematic inquiry or investigation into a problem in order to discover facts or principles. Thus students will acquire the most valuable skillset - learn how to learn! Research experience prepares them for real-life situations that they encounter in professional life. As a result, our students present their research at several national conferences such as National Counsel for Undergraduate Research (NCUR), National Collegiate Honors council (NCHC) as well as several discipline specific national and regional meetings. We showcase our students’ achievements in the annual SimaXi research competitions and the winners participate in the Big Night, the annual celebration of research UWG.

Our goal and ongoing challenge is to remain competitive and current in the sciences and mathematics, and to maintain excellence in teaching and scholarship. We constantly seek approaches to promote and enhance our College’s research, and to increase external partnerships and sponsors.