Research in Physics

Department of Physics offers a BS degree to prepare majors for employment or graduate studies. One option includes certification to teach high school physics. The Department also has a 3+2 dual-degree program in Physics and Engineering jointly administered by UWG and the Georgia Institute of Technology, Auburn University, and Mercer University.
The major research focus of the department is faculty-directed undergraduate research. The faculty research expertise is broad in both experimental and theoretical physics.  Research areas include computational physics; condensed matter physics  (band structures and densities of states of alloys), physics education research; spectra of planetary nebulae; formation of exotic elements; spectroscopic signatures of heavy elements; photometry of variable stars; optical and electrical properties of inorganic and organic nano-sized particles and devices; high pressure effects on matter; and high temperature superconductivity.
The department has an astronomy observatory, an optics lab, electronics lab, and computational physics classroom.