Research in Biology

Department of Biology offers three BS tracks, a general track, a secondary education track and pre-professional track and an M.S. program. Additionally, the department participates in the honors track designated for academically gifted students. The primary goal of the biology program is to develop a strong diversified background in modern biology appropriate to the individual student goals with an emphasis on critical-thinking and problem-based learning skills.
Faculty expertise and research interest is diversified and broad and can be grouped into two major themes – ecological/environmental biology and biomedical/molecular biology.
The department has acquired several research-grade instruments including high-speed and ultra-centrifuges, ELISA readers, RT-PCR, gel imagers, fluorescence microscopes, spectrophotometers and LC/MS. Additionally, the department has an animal house and a cell-culture facility.
Faculty members are actively pursuing research funded by NIH, NSF and industry.