Welcome to the College of Science and Math

Thank you for visiting the COSM web site.

The University of West Georgia's College of Science and Mathematics boasts outstanding faculty, who are focused on student success, who excel in instruction, undergraduate and graduate research, and outreach. Our graduates find employment in industry, government laboratories, and regional high schools, and many go on to attend some of the best graduate and professional programs in the nation.

These are exciting times. Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) make a critical impact on human lives - the practice of medicine, the production of energy, and communication using technology are but a few examples. Because of the huge impact on the economy, the sciences and mathematics are a key part of conversations for policy makers at the federal and state levels. We embrace this spotlight, and the opportunities and challenges that accompany it!

It is our vision that the College of Science and Mathematics will be recognized as a center of excellence in the pursuit of its mission. To this end, we are working collaboratively with one another and with the University as a whole and with many partners in Carrollton and beyond.