Donor Wall Giving Campaign

When you Make A Gift of $250, $500, $1,000 or more to the College of Social Sciences, your name will be added to our Donor Wall. The College of Social Sciences is appreciative to all of our donors for their generous contributions.

Donor Wall Members

Major Donor

  • Nova Lee Simmons


  • N. Jane McCandless
  • Jean F. Yates
  • Pastor Troy and Dr. Camilla Gant
  • Dr. Richard A. Folk
  • Dr. J. Chester Gibson
  • Times-Georgian
  • Dr. Amber Smallwood and Mr. Wayne Korbl
  • Dr. Bradford Lee Yates
  • Dr. John H. Buchanan '82
  • Leonard Woolsey
  • Renaissance Charitable Foundation, Inc.
  • Sandra Stone, Ph. D.
  • Bruce Daniel
  • Ms. Karen C. Fitzgerald


  • Heather A. D. Mbaye
  • John J. Hembree
  • Willis L. Nelson
  • Southeast Senior Care Management Group, LLC
  • William N. Gauthier
  • Maurice L. King, Jr.
  • Haven West
  • Mr. Thomas B. Litteral
  • Mrs. Kathern E. Inman ‘84
  • Fred L. and Anne C. Richards
  • Melanie Taylor
  • Ashley Smallwood Jennings and Thomas Jennings


  • Dr. Todd Matthews and Mrs. Andrea Brace
  • Erin and Clint Brannon
  • Donadrian L. Rice, Ph.D. and Cheryl Rice, M.Ed., MA
  • Catherine A. Jenks, Ph.D. and David A. Jenks, Ph.D.
  • Timothy N. Brown ‘90
  • Jane and Paul Morton
  • Cinema Taverns
  • River Pointe Apartments
  • Lauren Gardner