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Issue 1, 2011

Studies in the Social Sciences

Current Issue, Volume 1, Issue 1, 2011

Introduction to the Relaunched Studies in the Social Sciences Journal
Dean N. Jane McCandless, Ph. D., Professor of Sociology      

Featured Article

On Writing for Social Science Students

John Randolph Fuller, Ph. D., Professor of Criminology


Maple Syrup vs. Peaches: Why Vermont and Similar States Allow Same-Sex Marriage While Georgia and Others Do Not
Jameson Linville, B.A. Political Science

Unnatural Character: Sarah Grimke’s Defiance of the Tenets of Republican Motherhood
Tiffany Luoma, M.A History

Book Reviews

Review of Code of the Streets by Elijah Anderson
Heather Kelley, M.A. Student, Criminology

We would like to acknowledge the Editorial Board for their contributions and guidance in the publication of this issue.