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The Faculty Council

COMPOSITION: The Faculty Council shall consist of nine members, one elected by each of the six departments of the college, and three elected at-large by the faculty of the College.  The at-large members will serve as Chair-Elect, Chair, and Past-Chair. All members shall serve three year terms.  Only tenure-track faculty are eligible to serve as departmental representatives; only tenured faculty are eligible to serve as at-large members; and department chairs, deans, associate deans, and assistant deans are not eligible to serve on Faculty Council. For the academic year 2013-2014, its members are: 


PURPOSE: The Faculty Council shall be the primary, elected representative voice of the faculty to the Dean of the College. Its duties shall include providing a forum for the articulation of faculty concerns about the College and serving as the faculty advisory body to the Dean, with whom the Dean will consult at least on a monthly basis for advice on the administration of the College. In the fulfillment of such duties, the Faculty Council shall have the responsibility to:

  1. Consider for approval all proposals concerning any changes in the curriculum of the College including courses, programs, and degree requirements. Click here to submit curriculum changes, modifications, or additions.
  2. Provide the regular mandated evaluations of the College Dean.
  3. Establish ad hoc committees or task forces for issues it determines appropriate, and appoint members.
  4. Receive reports that its standing and ad hoc committees shall provide, and forward such reports, with its recommendations, to the Dean of the College.
  5. Serve as the nominations committee to oversee all College-wide elections to insure compliance with the rules governing such in the University Bylaws and Policies and Procedures, including receiving nominations, organizing and supervising elections, monitoring compliance, adjudicating challenges, and certifying the results.
  6. Propose motions to meetings of the faculty of the College.
  7. Propose amendments to the Bylaws and the Policies and Procedures of the College.
  8. Serve as the liaison with the Faculty Senate, submitting to the Senate such proposals as it shall deem appropriate according to the Bylaws and Policies and Procedures of the University.
  9. Contribute to the search processes its recommendations to the appropriate search committees for the appointments of the general officers of the College, including Dean, Associate Dean, and Assistant Dean.
  10. Serve as the major advisory body of the faculty to the Dean of the College on all matters of consequence, including budgeting, strategic planning, academic programs and policies, facilities, technologies, and faculty development, teaching, scholarship and research.